Portfolio » Commercial Video & Photography

Since 2015, my company has provided on-site video production, and post production editing for:

1) The NYS Office of Mental, Bureau of Cultural Competence, located in Albany NY. This job was shot on location in Manhattan (uptown and Mid-town), Brooklyn, Long Island, Orangeburg, Mt. Vernon, Broome County, and Albany NY. I used my standard two camera set-up when ever possible, produces a mountain of footage for this series of sessions and training videos;

2) The Regional Area Education Network (RAEN) located out of the syracuse region, where I recorded a series of workshops on adult education topics in Syracuse, N.Y.;

3) The Capitol Region BOCES, where I recorded a series of workshop session over a one day period; and,

4) An upcoming session with the RAEN located out of the Capitol Region in May 2016.


Please see our pricing page for a comprehensive list of rates and packages offered.