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Sports photography is challenging primarily because of the speed and complexity of sports. Some sports are played in rather small areas, while others take place on large courts or fields. Also, some athletes move slowly, while others are blazing by at tremendous speed.  These realities impact my work for a score of reasons, some of which include:


(1) Limiting the use of flash photography helps protect the athlete in some cases, yet adequate lighting is necessary for both photography and video; (2) Lighting has to be the most primary concern, as shutter speed and motion can be managed a lot easier than controlling lighting. The amount of lighting will determine the ISO selected, the shutter speed selected, and aperture selected; (3) For me, manipulating the aperture is the most powerful tool available, because it not only controls the amount of light that hits for film, or sensor, but it also controls the depth-of-field. Lucky for me, I learned about depth-of-field at the beginning when I was about 11 or 12 years old; and, (4) The shutter speed, which is very important in controlling both the amount of light hitting the sensor/film,   how motion impacts the clarity of a photo (is it blurry). Many of these practices, and principles are applicable to both photography and video creation.

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