Sports Video & Photography

Sports photography is challenging primarily because of the speed and complexity of sports. Some sports are played in rather small areas, while others take place on large courts or fields. Also, some athletes move slowly, while others are blazing by at tremendous speed.  These realities impact my work for a score of reasons, some of which include:   (1) Limiting the use of flash photography helps protect the athlete in some cases, yet adequate lighting is necessary for both photography and video; (2) Lighting has to be the most primary concern, as shutter speed and motion can be managed a lot easier than controlling lighting.

Commercial Video & Photography

Since 2015, my company has provided on-site video production, and post production editing for: 1) The NYS Office of Mental, Bureau of Cultural Competence, located in Albany NY. This job was shot on location in Manhattan (uptown and Mid-town), Brooklyn, Long Island, Orangeburg, Mt. Vernon, Broome County, and Albany NY. I used my standard two camera set-up when ever possible, produces a mountain of footage for this series of sessions and training videos; 2) The Regional Area Education Network (RAEN) located out of the syracuse region, where I recorded a series of workshops on adult education topics in Syracuse, N.Y.; 3) The Capitol Region BOCES,

Wedding Video & Photography

  My business started back in 2003 with the primary target being weddings and social events.  My business has really expanded since 2006 when I incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Studio Photography

This page shows samples of on-site studio pictures, as well as off-site photos taken with my portable studio set-up.